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Trauma Informed Ministry (TIM) Training 

What is trauma informed ministry?
Trauma informed ministry has in mind what happened to a person rather than what the person may have done.

Let me explain:

Trauma results from something that occurs in a person’s life that is experienced as physically or emotionally harmful or life threatening. An event, circumstance or series of events that are traumatic leaves lasting effects on the individual’s functioning and mental, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well-being. It is as much about the person’s internal processing of a stressful and difficult situation as it is about the circumstance that results in the trauma. What might traumatize one individual deeply might not as dramatically affect another. (Click here for original article).

​Dr. Irie provides training for churches, faith-based organizations, non-profits, State and governmental organizations, and other communities on the nature of trauma, the impact of trauma on individuals, trauma informed biblical teaching and preaching and how to become a Trauma Informed Ministry. 


" Churches and other communities of faith are flooded with people living with the trauma of adverse childhood experiences (ACE's)."
Dr. Irie L. Session
TEDx Deer Park
Trauma Informed Biblical Teaching
On Februrary 11, 2017 Dr. Irie Session was invited to present her first TEDx Talk in Deer Park, New York. The focus of her talk was Womanist Hermeneutics as a Trauma Informed approach to Biblical Teaching with prostituted women. Check our her talk.
Trauma Informed Preaching
Above are video clips from a presentation made by Dr. Irie during the "Nevertheless, She Preached" conference in Waco, Texas on September 11, 2017. Dr. Irie's presentation was titled,
Jezebel: A Case Study in Trauma Informed Preaching."

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