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Empowering Women | Dismantling Patriarchy 


Finding My Voice
How Do You Use Your Voice?
I preach in womanist voice. It is powerful, passionate, and prophetic. Because of Black women's marginal status based on the intersections of race, class, and gender oppression, womanist preaching has the capacity to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Our unique experiences provide us with what some scholars call an, "epistemological advanage." That is, a way of knowing and seeing injustice from the ground up.  ​

Womanist preaching also mines the biblical text for Black women's self-love, communal concerns, strength, resiliency, creativity, and ingenuity. 

Womanist preaching is prophetic because it exposes traditional readings of certain biblical texts as patriarchal in nature. Patriarchal biblical readings undermine God's original design for gender equality. 
"Dr. Session brings a Christ-like prophetic word of love and liberation to everyone she encounters. Her message afflicts the comfortable and comforts the afflicted. Every time I hear her speak I am brought closer to God. " 

Jason Redick, Dallas, Texas

 "Rev. Dr. Irie L. Session is a Christ empowered and transformed scholar / theologian / preacher / playwright / author who has been called to empower and transform the lives of others." 
Rev. Sheila Spencer, Indianapolis, IND

"A walk through scripture with Dr. Irie sheds new light on familiar and little-known stories and people of faith.  She brings scripture alive with her thoughful and inspired insight -- making the message relevant to the often complicated and confusing lives we lead."  

Barbara J. Austin, Dallas, Texas

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