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Dr. Irie has over thirty years of Social Work and ministry in the Dallas community. As a result of her experience as a Parole Officer, CPS Investigator, a Social Work provider for persons impacted by HIV/AIDS, and Director of Spiritual Support for New Friends New Life, Dr. Irie has developed an amazing capacity to meet people where they are and help them discover solutions to life's difficulties. 

Using skills acquired from the positions above and her training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Trauma Informed Care, Transformative Leadership, Theology, and Preaching, Dr. Irie is well-equipped to consult with a variety of secular and faith-based organizations.  

In each position held Dr. Irie excelled in her capacity for excellent leadership, people skills, and communication. 

Workshops |Training |Curriculum Development

Dr. Irie has provided workshops, conducted training, and developed curriculum for preachers, women in ministry, women behind bars, church leadership, churches in transformation, non-profit agencies, staff within Dallas County Juvenile Department, survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, Colleges, Universities, and Seminaries.
 "Skills Enhancement training with Dr. Irie brought a relief to me and I feel a lot better working with youth. "    

Damien King, Letot Emergency Shelter for Youth, Dallas, Texas.

"Very rarely do I leave the presence of a conference or a training institute with the call to be confidently me. However, since attending the Teresa Fry Brown Women's Preaching Institute led by Dr. Irie Lynne Session, I consider her to be a mentor, telling me that's it's okay to be the person God created me to be and it's okay be the strong, preaching woman that God wants me to be!
                                                                                                                                        Sharnelle Jones, Houston, Texas

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